Leaping Off the Wheel


A year of learning opportunities in Costa Rica with two young kids.

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Shortly after Matt’s birthday, my parents arrived for a two week visit. It seemed a perfect opportunity to have a little adventure. We needed to do another visa run and I knew I would be bummed if our time in Costa Rica ended without us ever visiting Panama, specifically the Panama Canal. As my parents … Continue reading Paa-na-ma!!

A Story

So here’s a little story of something that happened the other day. I’m not saying it’s entirely Costa Rican in cause but… When we first moved into our little mountaintop house the pedestal on our main bathroom sink seemed loose and then quickly fell off. I mentioned this to the landlord as it seemed that … Continue reading A Story

A Birthday Adventure

For Matt’s birthday we decided to take a break from nesting and making furniture. We wanted to explore a part of the coast we had never seen before: the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula, specifically the area around Montezuma. While this was a three hour drive over rough roads from our former home in … Continue reading A Birthday Adventure

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