I’m glad there’s a mosquito net over our bed

Does the spoon do it justice? Because that’s a BIG wooden spoon. This is his second appearance above our bed. Even having been raised in the desert with these guys this one gives me pause. I don’t remember them being so brash. Apparently, none of the twelve species of scorpion in Costa Rica are deadly but still…

5 thoughts on “I’m glad there’s a mosquito net over our bed

  1. Oh my god. That scorpion is HUGE!!!!

    I so loved your first blog post “The first 10 days.” So real. Yes, you are somewhere totally new and does it live up to the fantasy? No. But nothing ever can. But you are in it, living it day to day, and discovering what it is to be there in this new world. Bravo for your courage and for honoring what’s true.. Love to all of you. You amaze me!


  2. Dear adventure seekers,
    You are so cool! And brave too, all 4 of you. Reminds us of our first postings, especially Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where housing was pretty basic, and later as a family of 5 ( Vicky was not yet born) in Sri Lanka. Love following yr blog, such a difference re. Communication, we did not even have a phone in Brazil!! Lookong forward to yr news. Keep going and make the most of it, you will never forget or regret the wild wonders of the teopics, sounds, smells, emotiona, all in your bagage forever 😉😘🐵🕷🦀🐠🐐🐓🌴☀️☔️🍍🍉


  3. Matthew and Vanessa, I signed up today for your blog, hope to travel to Costa Rica with family in the next year for a visit. Please let me know what you need in form of meds or if there is opportunity for mission work! Mickey


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