My intention last weekend was to finally sit down this week and add to the blog. And then the U.S. presidential election happened. Like many people, I think yesterday was spent in a fog, trying to make sense of this new reality. It seems impossible and disingenuous to write about romping through the jungle without addressing the election. We got many texts and messages from friends saying we had the right idea to be in CR and did we have a guest room? I know they’re only half joking. And I know the website for Canadian immigration crashed during the election. I know my growing sense of unease with the political climate in the U.S. and, frankly, globally, was one of the things that pushed this move forward. But when the election results came in my feeling was that the planet is incredibly small. Our physical surroundings are a great balm to the sadness I feel but there is no running away from this. That Trump could be elected is a reflection of a world phenomenon of discontent by groups of people who can no longer be ignored as extremists and fringe. We must acknowledge what is actually going on in all of our country. After toying with the idea of selling our house, liquidating our 401Ks and generally bailing on the U.S. entirely I now instead feel spurred to greater involvement. I’m not ready to give up. I’m not emigrating. I’m going to start with greater involvement where I am right now, finally volunteering after years of intending to do so. When we return to the U.S. I intend to continue on a local level there. I’m putting this in writing so I don’t forget how this feels, so I actually follow through. Because if I, and all the amazing people I know who also feel strumped by this election, actually get involved on a local level and translate our feelings into action then there will be change. And if the results of this election are not a call to action, I don’t know what is.

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